Food Truck mania finally arrives in Madrid!

ONE OF THE THINGS I HAVE MISSED SINCE MOVING TO MADRID is the “street food” experience. As Peruvian and as American those are things I have always loved… as a kid in Lima a favorite was the little carts that prepared Anticuchos, Butifarras, and all types of creole cuisine, and in the States who hasn’t tried a loaded hot dog while walking in any city’s downtown.


THEN FOR ALL THE FOODIES LIKE ME, a few years back came the street “food truck” explosion, and oh my god how much fun I had.  One single space, with so many different kinds of food:  Asian, Latin, hamburgers, fusion, ceviches, crepes, cakes, etc.  These are now typical in cities such as New York, San Francisco, D.C, Miami…

WELL, TODAY WE HAD THE FIRST EVER FOOD TRUCK GATHERING IN MADRID and even though it needs a little work it was great!!!  You will find some beautiful trucks and the food, well amazing; you can find Asian, curries, hamburgers, hotdogs, ensaimadas, empanadas gallegas with many diferent fillings like carrillada iberica and the traditional bonito, croquetas, etc, etc, etc.  Lots of young and creative entrepreneurs trying to put Madrid in the international Food Truck map!

MY FAVORITE MIGHT HAVE BEEN THE PORK BUN, what can I say, I love pancetta.  The calamari bocatta with kimchi mayo was delicioso, (Fran’s favorite), The red curry my husband’s and the chicken bun, my son’s, but with hoisin, not with the spicy sauce and red cabbage that they serve it with.  Hey, he is only 9!

SO, THE QUESTION IS, WOULD I GO BACK??? For sure!!  I might even go back tomorrow.  I love eating outside, hopping from one stand to the other and tasting different flavors with each bite.  I have a few things I still would love to try, and I don’t think I can wait a whole month until they visit us again.

The scoop: October 18-19, 2014 – To be repeated every third weekend of each month.  Jardín Botánico de la Complutense (Av. Complutense, 12, Madrid). Map.

Check out this Newspaper Article for more information.


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