Boneless Roasted Turkey with Fresh Herbs and Port Gravy

Turkey Time!!!

Holiday season is coming and I wanted to share with you my favorite turkey recipe.  Now in Madrid I make it boneless because of the size of the ovens.  But you can leave it whole and only the cooking time will vary.  For a whole 5 kilo turkey it should be about 3 hours but make sure you use a meat thermometer and check for the inside temperature on the thickest part of the thigh.

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Chocolate Mousse

This week I had such a great time creating a traditional Belgian menu for an 18-guest sit-down dinner. Below is the recipe for the Chocolate mousse that I served on the evening of the event. I hope you enjoy it as much as the guests did!

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Trofie al Pesto from Liguria

During this past summer, we drove from Spain all the way to the Liguria coast of Italy. Just after crossing the Italian border we stopped for lunch at the coastal town of San Remo. A must-eat in the Liguria region is Pesto sauce. The traditional dish is made with Trofie (a short, thin and twisted pasta), mixed with boiled potatoes and baby green beans. A must try! I am sharing this recipe so you can have a little bit of Liguria at home.

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Mussels in Curry Sauce 2 Ways

We love curry at home…! Here is a great, easy and healthy way to prepare curry mussels. I used red curry but your favorite curry paste work great. You also can add veggies to the sauce if you are going to make it into a pasta dish. Some of my favorites in this dish are roasted asparagus, Brussel sprouts, onions and zucchini.  Enjoy!!

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Quinoa & Whole Wheat Pancakes

It is still vacation time here in Madrid, so my son and I have been looking for different recipes that he might like, but with a healthier twist.
Breakfast time during the school year is always in a hurry and many times the go-to menu is cereal, but he loves pancakes!! Together we have worked on a recipe that has a healthier twist and that he will love during those crazy mornings. I will make a few each time, freeze them and then just reheat them in the toaster when he wakes up.

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