I have always been passionate about food.

My earliest memories are the sights, sounds and smells of my two grandmothers’ kitchens in Lima, Peru. I remember standing on a stepstool to bake a cake before I could read, and also begging them to teach me the secrets of the perfect meat sauce or the irresistible chocolate cake.
I spent my teenage years living in McLean, Virginia, where my horizons broadened and I quickly realized my future was going to be closely linked to food.
When I grew older, my curiosity brought me back home where I began to explore markets, regions and the amazing traditions of Peruvian cooking. I graduated as a culinary chef from what is now Le Cordon Bleu Peru, and also took post-graduate courses at Le Cordon Bleu Paris. Later on, a new chapter (marriage!) brought me back to the States. Settled in Miami, I built up a successful catering company, which I ran from 1998 until my move to Madrid in 2011.
I have been lucky throughout my life to travel the world and take cooking courses in many countries, including Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore. Now in Spain on another adventure with my family, I have been able to discover yet more flavors and traditions, and absorb new cultures.
In my kitchen, the perfect recipe has always been authenticity, fresh food made with good friends, preferably with a glass of wine in hand, and with the added ingredient of always having fun.
Through this site and my blog, I wish to share with you my experiences, fun adventures and the passion I feel for food!