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Boneless Roasted Turkey with Fresh Herbs and Port Gravy

Turkey Time!!!

Holiday season is coming and I wanted to share with you my favorite turkey recipe.  Now in Madrid I make it boneless because of the size of the ovens.  But you can leave it whole and only the cooking time will vary.  For a whole 5 kilo turkey it should be about 3 hours but make sure you use a meat thermometer and check for the inside temperature on the thickest part of the thigh.

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Cuban Dinner

Something I love about my work is that every day I get to cook and taste food from so many different places. If I get a craving for Indian, Thai, Mexican, etc, etc.  I research, play and taste until I reach a balance that I love in a recipe. This week I catered an event with a Cuban theme, a flavor that I enjoy and miss a lot since moving from Miami. The fun started while planning the menu:

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Food Truck mania finally arrives in Madrid!

ONE OF THE THINGS I HAVE MISSED SINCE MOVING TO MADRID is the “street food” experience. As Peruvian and as American those are things I have always loved… as a kid in Lima a favorite was the little carts that prepared Anticuchos, Butifarras, and all types of creole cuisine, and in the States who hasn’t tried a loaded hot dog while walking in any city’s downtown.

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Chocolate Mousse

This week I had such a great time creating a traditional Belgian menu for an 18-guest sit-down dinner. Below is the recipe for the Chocolate mousse that I served on the evening of the event. I hope you enjoy it as much as the guests did!

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Trofie al Pesto from Liguria

During this past summer, we drove from Spain all the way to the Liguria coast of Italy. Just after crossing the Italian border we stopped for lunch at the coastal town of San Remo. A must-eat in the Liguria region is Pesto sauce. The traditional dish is made with Trofie (a short, thin and twisted pasta), mixed with boiled potatoes and baby green beans. A must try! I am sharing this recipe so you can have a little bit of Liguria at home.

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