Cuban Dinner

Something I love about my work is that every day I get to cook and taste food from so many different places. If I get a craving for Indian, Thai, Mexican, etc, etc.  I research, play and taste until I reach a balance that I love in a recipe. This week I catered an event with a Cuban theme, a flavor that I enjoy and miss a lot since moving from Miami. The fun started while planning the menu:

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Food Truck mania finally arrives in Madrid!

ONE OF THE THINGS I HAVE MISSED SINCE MOVING TO MADRID is the “street food” experience. As Peruvian and as American those are things I have always loved… as a kid in Lima a favorite was the little carts that prepared Anticuchos, Butifarras, and all types of creole cuisine, and in the States who hasn’t tried a loaded hot dog while walking in any city’s downtown.

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Tortilla de Patatas… they are everywhere!

I want to share with you a little of my story with tortilla de patatas. A love-hate relationship I think for most expats.

When one moves to Spain, it seems that almost every menu has tortilla de patatas in it. You find it everywhere, served as a pincho (a small snack, typically eaten in bars across Spain), as part of a sandwich, and also as a breakfast side. A tortilla overload!

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