Tortilla de Patatas… they are everywhere!

I want to share with you a little of my story with tortilla de patatas. A love-hate relationship I think for most expats.

When one moves to Spain, it seems that almost every menu has tortilla de patatas in it. You find it everywhere, served as a pincho (a small snack, typically eaten in bars across Spain), as part of a sandwich, and also as a breakfast side. A tortilla overload!

A tortilla is something simple and easy to eat at any time of day. But then we learn that not all tortillas de patatas are the same. We learn that after a while of living here, when the last thing we want to smell or eat is another tortilla de patatas.

AND THEN… We learn to discriminate between average and amazing ones. And we discover what a real tortilla de patatas is all about. Perfectly cooked potatoes, creamy (almost runny) eggs, extra virgin olive oil with a hint of salt, and depending on your taste, with onions, my personal choice!!

Now tortilla de patatas is something that I look forward in a menu. I look at the plates when somebody else orders them and if I see them “runny” you can be sure that I will be ordering one.



CASA DANI, inside El Mercado de la Paz. I definitely recommend touring this small but cute market. I love going there on Fridays just to stock up on cravings for the weekend. I always stop by Casa Dani and order a pincho de tortilla de patatas and depending the time of day a cup of coffee or a caña (small glass of beer). Incredible. See photo above. Calle de Ayala, 28.

I also love LA JURUCHA, also in Calle Ayala, across from El Mercado de la Paz. A must for going for tapas in Madrid. Old and traditional but still great. Calle de Ayala, 19.

TXIRIMIRI is another of my favorites. All their tapas are great. But their tortilla is a must. Calle del General Diaz Porlier, 91.

And, last but not least, JUANA LA LOCA. A great place in the La Latina neighborhood to go during the weekend. Great ambiance! Plaza de Puerto de Moros, 4.


Click here for my own recipe!